Every church building is unique; from modest medieval structures, to towering Victorian edifices, through to unusual modernist complexes. Many of these are also subject to the highest level of statutory architectural protection, with almost half of Grade I listed buildings falling under the ownership of the Church of England. 

As such, every church building requires a tailored approach, one which recognises the individual qualities of the building and results in a bespoke solution that fully unlocks the potential of each brief. Integral to this is close engagement with the people and communities that use them, whose role is to act as guardians of these buildings for the generations that will follow.

As a studio, we are involved in all aspects relating to the conservation, care and ongoing evolution of churches and church buildings, as well as working closely with parishes and stakeholders. Regardless of the project size or it's scope, our aim is to form the basis of a sustainable future for each church building so that they continue to remain at the heart of wider community life.

We currently work with over 100 churches across the dioceses of St. Albans, Oxford & Peterborough. Our services can vary hugely in value and scope, from the undertaking of quinquennial inspections and surveys of existing fabric, to repair specifications, level access solutions and the provision of facilities, through to partial or full re-ordering projects, extensions & new church buildings.

We assist our parishes and community groups through consultations with their DAC, Historic England, local planning authorities and amenity societies such as SPAB and The Victorian Society. We also have extensive experience assisting with the often complex process of grant applications and fundraising, as well as making presentations for consultation purposes. Where required, we can also draw on the invaluable experience of the specialist consultants, contractors and conservators with whom we regularly work.